Apr. 5, 2021

Performances at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival

Nikolay Lugansky returns to the Trans-Siberian Art Festival for two performances this April at the Arnold Kats State Concert Hall.

On April 6, Nikolay Lugansky performs a solo recital at the Trans-Siberian Art Festival. The recital will consist of two works by Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonatas No. 30 and 32 and Études-Tableaux by Sergey Rachmaninov.

The April 7 concert sees Lugansky joining conductor Thomas Sanderling and the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra for Brahms’s Second Piano Concerto.

The Trans-Siberian Art Festival founded seven years ago by the world-famous violinist Vadim Repin, the annual music and arts festival holds concerts in Repin’s home town of Novosibirsk, across Siberia, in Moscow, and travels to other countries.

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