Mar. 9, 2024

International Piano Magazine Showers Praise on Nikolay Lugansky’s Latest CD

We are pleased to share a glowing review of Nikolay Lugansky's 'Famous Opera Scenes' CD, recently featured in the Spring 2024 issue of International Piano Magazine.

Authored by Ateş Orga, the review highlights Lugansky’s fascination with Wagner and his ability to bring the composer’s vision to life. Orga effusively describes Lugansky’s performance as an “eternal journey” that transforms his piano into a “larger-than-life orchestra intricate in texture, colour and associative imagery.”

The review underscores Lugansky’s talent for storytelling and his capacity to traverse the emotional terrain of Wagner’s works. His interpretation of works from ‘The Ring’, ‘Parsifal’, and ‘Tristan und Isolde’ is deemed engrossingly suggestive and consuming, with every melody and motif framed in an exalted dynamic spectrum.

Orga pays particular attention to Lugansky’s rendition of Isolde’s Liebestod, describing its climax as “epic and full-voiced,” with veins of rubato achingly suspending the descending phrases. Orga also praises Lugansky’s performances of the ‘Entry of the Gods into Valhalla’ and ‘Magic Fire Music’ as monumental and glittering.

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