Mar. 22, 2020

New release. César Franck: Préludes, Fugues & Chorals

Nikolay Lugansky's latest album released on Harmonia Mundi label on March 6.

The tracklist includes the Prelude, Choral and Fugue, FWV 21; the Prelude, Aria and Final, FWV 23; the Prelude, Fugue and Variation, FWV 30 (arr. Harold Bauer) and the Choral No. 2 in B minor, FWV 39 (arr. Nikolay Lugansky)

Harmonia Mundi writes:

“Given the paucity of César Franck’s piano music on disc, Nikolai Lugansky’s focus on this composer is to be commended. In his third release for harmonia mundi, the Russian pianist reveals an organ master strongly attached to the musical forms inherited from J.S. Bach: the prelude, the fugue, and the chorale”.

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César Franck was a Belgian-French Romantic composer and organist who was the chief figure in a movement to give French music an emotional engagement, technical solidity, and seriousness comparable to that of German composers. His compositions are marked by soaring, almost improvisatory melodic passages.

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